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Rehaf Al Jammaz

Hi there! thanks for visitng my portfolio :D
I am a Game Maker and Researcher at the Expressive Intelligence Studio at UCSC

Game Based projects



HTML instructor ( E-link program)

Prince Sultan University - College for Women (PSU-CW), 2013

Intern, KACST.

Center for cyber security, 2014

Student judge volunteer at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

International ambassador at Game Developer confrence,2017

International ambassador

International ambassador at Game Developer confrence,2017

International ambassador

Developer at the American University's Game Lab, 2018


Prince Sultan University

Bachelor of Science- Computer Science, 2014

American University

Master of Arts- Game and Interactive media design, 2017

University of Califronia Santa cruz

computational media, current

tools and programing languges

programming languges

c#, c++, javascript, C, (learning lisp!)

software and engines

Blender, aesprite(pixel art), Substance Painter, photoshop

Unity, Game maker, twine, p5

Research interests:

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my portfolio. In this section, I wanted to talk about my current research interests!

I am interested in studying NPCs(Non-player-characters) in terms of believability, particularly how an NPC's set of values and beliefs relate to believable behavior. Believability is referenced as life-like behavior or an npc displaying an 'illusion of life' Rather than realistic behavior, as defined by the Oz philosophy.

Through values and beliefs, we can diversify various systems such as reputation or faction-based systems beyond a binary model.

Research projects:

Scheherazade’s Tavern

In Scheherazade's Tavern, we present a game prototype that focuses on player-NPC interaction. Our system combines social simulation (through the Ensemble Engine) with a chatbot-like interface accompanied by character knowledge modeling.

gossip sim (name pending)

It is a research project that focuses on values and beliefs by referencing and modeling characters using the strict father and nurturant mother models mentioned in George Laykof's texts. The project divides values into surface-level arguments and deep values that the npc can reason about. This project is currently under development; please check back soon!

concept art and game assets