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Lava World

Lava world is a 2D platformer and a shmup game, where you play as Finch, a new member of the World Association of Terrorist Eliminating Recruits (WATER), with the goal of stopping the cult of the Phoenix.

The Cult of the Phoenix, First thought to be a group that worshipped fire, has finally shown the world its true colors: They want to turn the United States into their personal theme park, where fun has turned into fire and brimstone. It is up to Finch to stop the Cult of the Phoenix and its dastardly cast of characters once and for all! Go from shooting baddies in a super truck to reaching greater heights with UNDINE, the water sprites' help in this Platform/Bullet Hell hybrid.

This game was made in collaboration with Brittany Williams adn Dan Petricca

you can play the game here